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General conditions

Article 1. Definitions
1.1. In these general terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:
The Parent: the Parent, the Parent or guardian in charge of Parental Care
The Student: the person who receives coaching
Miss Jessica: the sole proprietorship "Bij Juf Jessica" registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 65431863

Coaching: remedial teaching, teaching, tutoring or coaching

Research: Research carried out by Miss Jessica, including report


Article 2. Applicability of these terms and conditions
2.1. These terms and conditions apply to every agreement between Miss Jessica and the Parent, insofar as the parties have not explicitly deviated from these terms and conditions in writing. These terms and conditions also apply to offers. Each offer is without obligation and is valid for one month.

2.2. Verbal agreements and clauses only bind the parties after they have been confirmed in writing or by e-mail. Appointments via Whatsapp or similar messaging services must always be confirmed by e-mail or letter before a party can call on them.
2.3. Miss Jessica is entitled to change the general terms and conditions at any time.

Article 3. Introduction and choice process

3.1. Miss Jessica offers a free introductory meeting of 30 minutes with Parent and Student. And everyone can register for this by phone, mail or contact form on the website. The appointment will be confirmed by

3.2. Based on the content of the interview, the Parent may fill in a registration form together with Miss Jessica. After completion, the agreements about the type of coaching, the day, the frequency and duration as well as rates are confirmed by Miss Jessica to the Parent. At the same time, the Parent and the Student will have access to the schedule for sessions created in

3.3. Also, only research into different aspects of the Student and his/her level and needs can be agreed.

3.4. With the receipt of the confirmation, the Parent will also receive an invoice, in accordance with the agreements made. The coaching process starts after the payment of the invoice sent has been paid in full. The report of the examination will be sent to the Parent after payment.


Article 4 Performance of the coaching services

4.1. At the start of the process, the sessions are scheduled in Parent and Student get access to their own account.

4.2. Coaching takes place in principle at the office at President Kennedylaan 779 in Amsterdam and on a pre-agreed day and time, in accordance with schedule. The planning made on is leading.

4.3. Miss Jessica strives to meet at fixed regular times per week, except for holidays and public holidays. The holidays and holidays can be found on the website and are evident from the planning made.

4.4. It is possible to add extra coaching sessions in consultation.

4.5. Miss Jessica carries out the work to the best of her knowledge and ability, but does not give any guarantee with regard to the improvement of the Student's performance. Miss Jessica has an obligation to make an effort.


Article 5 Absenteeism and/or illness
5.1. If the Student fails to attend a session without cancellation, Miss Jessica is entitled to charge for it.
5.2. In the event of illness of the Student or other unforeseen circumstances, the Parent must unsubscribe via the Student at least 48 hours before the start of the coaching and schedule a new session. If no cancellation is received later than 48 hours or no new appointment is scheduled, the Parent owes the costs of the entire session to Miss Jessica.

5.3 Cancelled and/or missed lessons will always be charged in full when participating in group lessons and/or duo lessons.


Article 6 Interim amendment or termination

6.1. The Parent or Student may request changes to the content of the sessions. The parties will consult in advance

6.2. Cancelling and stopping a trajectory in the meantime is only possible with a clear and well-motivated reason. In good consultation between the parties, the coaching process is then put to an end. In principle, the Parent must then pay 50% of the remaining fees agreed in the confirmation.

6.3. In a package, only 15% (3 out of 20) of the agreements can be changed. Miss Jessica can reject multiple changes and charge for the original appointments.

6.4. The agreed sessions for a Student cannot be transferred
to another Pupil, not even from the same family.

Article 7. Communication
7.1. Communication about changes in the coaching is in any case with Miss Jessica and Parent.
7.2 Session scheduling is done via Additional (or extended) coaching can be discussed with Miss Jessica by e-mail, verbally or telephone.

7.3 Miss Jessica is not responsible for the fact that e-mails end up in spam folders.

7.4 Miss Jessica's privacy policy applies mutatis mutandis. The privacy policy can be found on the website or will be sent to you free of charge on request.

Article 8. Intellectual
8.1. Miss Jessica reserves the rights and powers vested in her under the Copyright Act.
8.2. All documents provided by Miss Jessica, such as student reports, research reports, advice, brochures, reports, software, etc. are exclusively intended to be used by the Parent and may not be reproduced, made public or brought to the attention of third parties by him without the prior permission of Miss Jessica.


Article 9. Rates
9.1.During a free introductory meeting of 30 minutes between the Parent, Miss Jessica and the Student, agreements will be made about, among other things, goals, interpretation and payment of the coaching, which will be included in the confirmation.

9.2. Miss Jessica applies the rates as stated on her price page of her website. These do not include possible travel costs. Miss Jessica can change her prices in the meantime. The changed prices are stated on the website. Miss Jessica will also announce the price changes by e-mail.
9.3. The coaching is exempt from VAT. If parts are not exempt from VAT, Miss Jessica will notify you in advance.

9.4.De changed higher rates do not apply to parents and students who have previously purchased a package for a lower price and where the package continues after the price changes have become applicable.


Article 10. Payment
10.1. Payment agreements made in the confirmation are binding and leading. In advance, Miss Jessica sends factu(u)r(s) by e-mail. Payment must be made within 7 days of the invoice date.
10.2. From 7 days after the expiry of the invoice date, the Parent is in default. Miss Jessica then sends a reminder in which the Parent is given notice of default for the tutoring. If no payment has been made within 30 days of the date of the reminder, Miss Jessica is entitled to claim extrajudicial costs and interest, the amount of which is determined at 15% of the total amount due, with a minimum of € 150 excluding VAT and / or to engage a collection agency.

10.3. As long as the Parent is in default, Miss Jessica has the right to suspend coaching until the Parent has fully fulfilled her payment obligation.

10.4. Miss Jessica can always request payment prior to the coaching.

10.5. If the Parent prefers other agreements about payment, for example in cash, this is possible in consultation with Miss Jessica. This appointment will be included in the confirmation by e-mail.
10.6. Miss Jessica works with materials whose use is included in the rate. It is possible that Miss Jessica requests or Parent purchases certain teaching materials.
10.7. Miss Jessica is at all times entitled to request to change the payment method.

10.8 The following payment cycles normally apply:


1 full payment in advance

Full year = 40 weeks 10 monthly installments always in advance

Half year = 20 weeks 5 monthly installments always in advance

Quarter = 12 weeks 3 monthly installments always in advance

Article 11. Liability
11.1. Miss Jessica is responsible for damage she has caused herself. Miss Jessica is only liable for the damage suffered by the Student as a direct result of the shortcomings or unlawful acts attributable by her intent or gross negligence.
11.2 The parent is responsible for adequately assessing Miss Jessica on a substantive, social and emotional level, during the introductory meeting.

11.3. Miss Jessica is not liable for the disappearance, loss or damage of the Student's materials.

11.4. Complaints about the services of Miss Jessica can be submitted orally or in writing by the Parent no later than 7 days after their discovery. The complaint must contain as detailed a description of the shortcoming as possible, so that Miss Jessica is able to respond adequately. If a complaint is well-founded, Miss Jessica will still perform the work as agreed, unless this has become demonstrably pointless for the Parent in the meantime.

Article 12. Force majeure
12.1. In these general terms and conditions, force majeure is understood to mean what is understood in this regard in the law and jurisprudence, all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, over which Miss Jessica cannot exert any influence, but as a result of which Miss Jessica is unable to fulfill her obligations.
12.2. Miss Jessica also has the right to invoke force majeure if the circumstance that prevents further performance occurs after Miss Jessica should have fulfilled her obligation.
12.3. During force majeure, the obligations of Miss Jessica will be suspended.
12.4.If Miss Jessica has already partially fulfilled her obligations at the onset of the force majeure, or can only partially meet her obligations, she is entitled to invoice the already executed or executable part separately and the Parent is obliged to pay this invoice as if it were a separate contract.

Article 13. Applicable law

Dutch law applies to every agreement between Miss Jessica and Parent.

Article 14. Dispute settlement
All disputes that may arise as a result of this agreement or of further agreements that may result from it, will be settled by a competent court in Amsterdam.

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